Bloomberg to set city policies for autonomous cars

Bloomberg city policies for autonomous cars
25 October 2016
According to former NY-mayor Michael Bloomberg many US cities will be seeing driverless cars on its roads the next couple of years. This will dramatically change car circulation needs, something many city have not yet prepared for. Bloomberg now sets to develop city recommendations for the autonomous revolution.
How will cities maintain their roads? How will road workers be trained in the future? How will land use for roads be different in the future? Bloomberg will answer these questions by starting up case projects. Five cities will serve as testing grounds for the Bloomberg city policies for autonomous cars, of which 3 in the US: Austin, Los Angeles and Nashville. International cities Buenos Aires and Paris will also be included. Five other cities will be included by year’s end. Bloomberg has the city’s mayors on his side so collaborate with one another and with the private sector to set up the case projects.
Most of the project’ focus lies on the social, environmental and economic welfare aspects of future driving. How to include pedestrian safety in modern traffic? How to reinvent jobs for drivers? How to prepare for both car ownership as a ride-hailing future? Ensuring that a shift to driverless cars increases the lives or all citizens will require carefully designed social and economic policies, according to Bloomberg.
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