Driverless Technology Conference 2016

Driverless Technology Conference 2016
15 October 2016
The Driverless Technology Conference 2016 is set to return for its second edition. Taking place in Milton Keynes on November 22nd its insiders will be offered a glimpse of what autonomous car makers have in store for 2017 and beyond.
Milton Keynes is the small city, about 50 miles north of London, where the driverless technology conference 2016 will take place. Not coincidentally. In the UK the town has been known for its support towards self-driving technology after its LUTZ Pathfinder trails through Milton Keynes pedestrianised areas and since last week’ launch of the UK’ first public autonomous trail from Oxbotica.
The Driverless Technology Conference 2016 focuses on accelerating growth within driverless technology and maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of industry development. DTC’16 addresses new business models and presents the cases that are actively being pursued, researched and sold by major automakers.
The event brings together the major players of the automotive industry with interesting speakers like Erkan Arslan, Director of Automotive at NVIDIA, Sven Lanwer, Chief Engineer Chassis Control Systems at Bosch, Matthieu Campion, Senior Marketing Manager at TomTom and Andy Furse, Manager for Strategy & Technology Options at BMW Group UK.
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