Fisker releases second driverless car teaser

Fisker driverless car teaser
26 October 2016
Car designer Henrik Fisker announced some time ago that he will too join the race towards developing the first self-driving car. Today Fisker showed a first glimps of his long range electric, some day fully driverless vehicle.
The Fisker driverless car teaser was taken at night so there is only so much we can make out. In the center of the hood we do see devoded space for a radar and front-facing camera, which Fisker has already confirmed. The general appearance of the car looks rather sporty and not meant for mass production. Fisker already announced that the car will fall in the same price range as the Tesla Modl S. In a previous teaser, the carmaker showed the car having butterfly doors and “will also have a larger interior than Fiskers’ self-announced biggest competitor”.
Fisker also announced he is working with a supplier to develop the self-driving technology. Fisker says he does not believe automakers themselves are not equipped to deliver the right self-driving tech. Which supplier will be building Fisker’ driverless system was not disclosed in the announcement. The development of the car itself will be taken up by his newly minted company Fisker Inc. Fisker Inc. will develop driverless implementation as an option to traditional driving. The car will also be implementing a self-built battery technology by Fisker Nanotech, using supercapacitors instead of lithium ion batteries to achieve a 400+ mile range.
The Fisker driverless car teaser is still very much ahead of its time as the automaker is aiming to to reveal it completely in the latter half of 2017.