Man first started dreaming about a self-driving-future in the 1930's. Back then it seemed an impossible task. Today we are about halfway there. Leaders of the industry predict that autonomous cars will be available for the masses in 2025 and mandatory in 2060. But what is already out there today? And what will be possible in the near future? We will provide you all the self-driving cars information you need. The longer you stick around, the more these questions will be answered.

A driverless future. All big car producers are putting their money in it, so it must be true. Google vs everyone else. Fully driverless vs semi-autonomous step by step integration. Somewhere vs everywhere testing. Lidar vs Mobileye. Different methods and beliefs that will ultimately come together.


What will this future look like? The self-driving cars information is there. Following the trend that the main players of the industry are setting, we can predict that owning and driving cars will become a hobby. Cars will be owned by companies and serviced around to users on a need-it-now basis; an improved taxi model.


The timeline on the right gives an estimate of what we can expect. But if you follow the quotes of the big companies, we can expect it even sooner. helps you figure out who will be the key players of the transportation future and keeps you up to date on changes within the industry.

automotive companies at Silicon Valley - WSJ


© Stephanie Davidson
© Stephanie Davidson