Looking for a job in the autonomous car industry?

job in the autonomous car industry
18 October 2016
If you are looking for a job in the autonomous car industry, there is a good chance you will end up working in the Bay Area. Where jobs in the automotive field were once tied to Detroit, the importance of software to in the transportation and mobility sector has migrated the automakers establishments south, to Silicon Valley.
Finding a job in the autonomous car industry has become increasingly easy the last half a year with dozens of companies looking for self-driving car talent. According to Paysa there are currently more than 350 driverless job listings, with 230 of those jobs based in either Mountain View or Palo Alto.
Google ranks at the top of the hiring list with 52 job listings, followed by HERE with 36 jobs, and Bosch with 31. A surprising fourth with 24 job postings was lesser-known Zoox, a Silicon Valley startup that hopes to rival Tesla. Continuing down the list we find Ford (23 postings), General Motors (22) and Tesla (19). Uber, which has been making a huge push on the autonomous car front, listed just 9 jobs over the past six months.
Two-thirds of the jobs are located in the Bay Area. The next biggest geographic location is Chicago (30 positions), followed by Cambridge (27 jobs) and Michigan (accounting for 15 jobs).
Most companies, obviously, are looking for software engineers, with most important skill requirements being a proficiency in the programming languages C++ (61%) and Python (56%). The most desirable non-CS skills were computer vision (48%), computer simulation (47%) and robotics (41%).
According to salary we conclude that a job in the autonomous car industry pays rather well. Paysa reports an average salary of $138,000 with a signing bonus of $21,000 and an annual bonus of $26,000, along with $72,000 in company equity.
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