New Here mapping services

New Here mapping services
26 October 2016
Having been both by Mercedes, BMW and Audi, HERE has become the first mapping service the industry to pull sensor data from multiple OEM. With all this gathered data, Here is now looking to create four services. New Here mapping services include HERE Hazard Warnings, HERE Road Signs, HERE On-Street Parking and HERE On-Street Parking. All four will hopefully be included in HERE’ extra mapping layer, which we already saw in recent trailers.

HERE Real-Time Traffic

Being an improvement of an already ‘traditional tool’ this service will offer more detailed insight into traffic flow and disruptions, delivered faster and with better coverage and accuracy. Nothing new, but an important requirement of mapping services to keep up with the demands of the industry.

HERE Hazard Warnings

This new service will provide up-to-date, relevant information on potential hazards and accidents. Traditionally, drivers receive this information through a traffic incident service, which is usually editorialised and the confidence in this data is low and updates are not always real-time.
Through Hazard Warning however, these incidents will come directly from the cars, which use rich vehicle sensors to observe reality, offer a higher accuracy and lower latency. Hazard Warning will offer near real-time updates on everything from slippery roads to extreme weather, not only improving the safety of the driver, but also enhancing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

HERE Road Signs

In the past updates on road signs were difficult to gather. We cannot read them through satellites, they do not have tracking, temporary signs are usually badly communicated, etc. With Road Signs HERE is building a service which can update road sign information many times faster than we know now. For example Matthias Mohlig, head of product management for automotive services, says the service will be able to update speed limits in less than 24 hours on a global scale.

HERE On-Street Parking

Last but not least, HERE will launch an On-Street Parking service. Current parking finders only answer the question ‘How likely is it that I will find a parking space in my neighbourhood?’ With its new service Here will be able to answer more relevant and demanding questions like ‘How long will it take me to find parking?’ or even ‘Where is the next free parking space?’ Here stresses the importance of cars answering these questions in the future by pointing out that limited parking causes more than 30 percent of inner-city traffic.
The new Here mapping services will be available in 2017. To continually HERE improve its services after that Here wants to invite more automakers to share their data or intensify current contributions, reducing latency to further improve safety, and extending the reach of its services all over the world.
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