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Uber Self-Employment Lawsuit Loss Eye Opener

1 November 2016|Uber now has driver 'employees'. But how long will there be drivers? Read full article>>

General Motors Now Shares In Lyft, Maven And Uber

1 November 2016|Uber said it will partner with car-sharing service Maven, operated by GM. Read full article>>

New York Not Soon To Become Driverless

29 October 2016|NYC will most probably miss the chance to lead on autonomous cars. Read full article>>

QNX Attracts First Big EOM With Ford Motors

1 November 2016|Ford will be first EOM to use driverless software from QNX. Read full article>>

Autonomous Cars Determine Your Driving Style By Probing

29 October 2016|Researchers found a way for autonomous cars probing to gather human driver information . Read full article>>

General Motors’ Roadmap To Autonomous

29 October 2016|General Motors’ autonomous roadmap looks very different than most automakers.
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Sebastian Thrun’ Open-Source Autonomous Car

28 October 2016|The creator of Google’s self-driving car now competes with it. Read full article>>

The Most Useful Algorithms In Machine Learning

28 October 2016|According to professor of Machine Learning at Amazon and CEO of Dato, Carlos Guestrin. Read full article>>

Alphabet Makes Autonomous Cars A Standalone Business

27 October 2016|Google is graduating moving its autonomous-car project from research lab X into a standalone operation. Read full article>>

Autonomous Driving Data Released By University Oxford

27 October 2016|The University of Oxford just released 600+ miles driverless road data of their Robotcar. Read full article>>

New Here Mapping Services for autonomous cars

26 October 2016|New Here services include Hazard Warnings, Road Signs, On-Street Parking and On-Street Parking. Read full article>>

Coast-To-Coast US Road Trip To Test Autopilot 2.0

26 October 2016|Elon Musk plans to make a fully driverless trip by the end of next year from Los Angeles to New York. Read full article>>

Fisker Releases Second Driverless Car Teaser

26 October 2016|Fisker showed a second glimps of his electric, fully driverless vehicle. Read full article>>

Volvo Enters European Platooning Challenge

25 October 2016|Volvo will be one of the six car companies to participate at the European Platooning Challenge.
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Bloomberg To Set City Policies For Autonomous Cars

25 October 2016|Bloomberg sets to develop city recommendations for the autonomous revolution..
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Apple Hires Prince Of Deep Learning

20 October 2016|Apple recently hired Ruslan Salakhutdinov, professor in the AI department at Carnegie Mellon University, and Prince of Deep Learning.
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Tesla Announcement In Short

20 October 2016|All Tesla models in production, including Model 3, will come with full self-driving hardware and solar panels. Read full article>>

Reducing City Car Usage > Narrow The Roads

20 October 2016|Adelaide city council, Australia just reported a remarkable decision..Read full article>>

Current Weaknesses Of Autonomous Technology

18 October 2016|In a recent report Baidu goes deeper into some of the current technical weaknesses of autonomous technology.
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Looking For A Job In The Autonomous Car Industry?

18 October 2016|Finding a job in the autonomous car industry has become increasingly easy with dozens of companies looking for self-driving car talent. Read full article>>

Why Tesla prefers Nvidia over Mobileye

16 October 2016|In the future we will most likely be seeing Nvidia PX2 in Tesla models as a hardware component for Autopilot 2.0 Read full article>>

Driverless Technology Conference 2016

15 October 2016|The Driverless Technology Conference is ready for its second edition on November 22nd. Read full article>>