Reducing city car usage > narrow the roads

Reducing city car usage
20 October 2016
Adelaide city council, Australia just reported a remarkable decision. City roadways will be narrowed and car use will be actively discouraged. The city will move its focus on pedestrian and cyclist getting around more comfortably. With the new plan the council is reducing city car usage, it will also get the roads ready for a more organized (driverless?) vehicle circulation.
According to the city council’ 700 page projection plan of asset management the future city will be focussing more on pedestrian and cyclist and have to be designed to reduce motor vehicle use. Currently, city streets are mainly focussed on vehicular traffic movement. Future plans include investments in wider footpaths and landscaped buffers as well as increased public transport use, with more than 2500 extra daily bus movements projected for city streets by 2038.
Less road space also means less driving freedom and less positive driver excitement. The council anticipates that as the road plans will get more people in to walking and cycling, it will also diminish driving pleasure and therefore open the pathway to a more organized self-driving future.
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