Coast-to-coast US road trip to test Autopilot 2.0

Tesla' coast to coast
26 October 2016
A coast-to-coast road trip to test Autopilot 2.0. Without any driver input. Tesla is nothing if not ambitious. Elon Musk plans to make the trip by the end of next year, driving from Los Angeles to New York. The ‘Testla’ will include the announced self-driving hardware that all newly produced Teslas will possess.
Elon Musk still claims he will put fully driverless cars on the road by 2018, putting Tesla significantly ahead of other carmakers and tech companies. Tesla’ coast to coast trip to test Autopilot 2.0 will be the last milestone before the big launch. Autopilot 2.0 is planned to be released by end 2017. All new Tesla productions will have the hardware pieces (8 surround cameras, 12 updated ultrasonic sensors and an enhanced forward-facing radar) to include fully driverless, but need Autopilot 2.0 to function. For processing all the incoming visual data, Tesla will be using the Nvidia PX2 instead of Mobileye hardware.
“It will take some time to complete validation of the software and to get the required regulatory approval, but the important thing is that the foundation is laid for the cars to be fully autonomous at a safety level we believe to be at least twice that of a person, maybe better.”
Tesla claims its car will have all features on board to provide level 5-autonomy (driving with 0 driver input), in accordance with the NHTSA-guidelines, without including Automatic Emergency Braking, Collision Warning, Lane Keeping and Adaptive Cruise Control. These features were all pillars in Autopilot 1.0, but will no longer be included in 2.0 as Musk wants to calibrate the system using real-world data. Tesla’ coast to coast trip will be a last show if it can really function without all these previous pillars.
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