Volvo enters European Platooning Challenge

Volvo enters European Platooning Challenge
25 October 2016
The European Platooning Challenge is organized by the Netherlands as current President of the Council of the European Union. The challenge aims to get governments and companies on the same line, pushing boundaries of technology and introducing platooning to Europe. Volvo will be one of the six companies to participate.
The other five companies to join the challenge are Scania, DAF, Daimler, Iveco and MAN. The truck convoys will start in different countries, depending the roots of the company. Participating countries are Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands and Sweden. Volvo will obvious represent the Swedish platoon. All truck will arrive in Rotterdam on April 6, for the Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibit. As platooning is still in its testing phase, the test trucks will have the backup driver on board.
The goal of the European Platooning Challenge is to show the world the efficiency of platooning and to get as many countries as possible to authorize platooning inside their borders. The countries involved hope to introduce the semi-automated truck concept by 2020. According to them the main three advantages are: improved safety, less fuel consumption and improved efficiency.
Volvo’s route will count a total of 1500km (1100 miles) from Sweden to Denmark, Germany and Belgium before driving up again to the end target of Rotterdam. On its way Volvo is holding two seminars before presenting at the Intertraffic Amsterdam exhibition. The first seminar will be held in Gothenburg, the second one in Brussels.
Unlike the situation in the US, where Google and California are working against each other, platooning could be legalized in Europe fairly soon. With many of the most important EU countries present, the goal of reaching 2020 platooning seems more than just possible.
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